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Taking The Test

Test-taking can be stressful, and competency exams are no exception. The good news is that there are things you can do to prepare that will help ensure a positive outcome.

IMPORTANT! Please review the important information below:

  • Study ALL review material sent by your recruiter.
  • Maximum attempts:
    • Pharmacology, Dysrhythmia, and Unit Specific test may be allowed three (3) attempts.
    • All other tests are allowed two (2) attempts.
  • If you fail, consult with your recruiter before retaking – a recruiter will help identify areas of improvement based on feedback from our Director of Clinical Services.
  • If you fail your final attempt, your contract will be canceled due to failure to meet the needed requirements.

Testing Through Relias

  • Read the test outline. (See Content Outlines)
  • After a question is answered, you will not be able to go back and review/change the answer.
  • If you log out while taking the exam, the exam will pick up where you left off when you log back in
  • Reach out to your recruiter IMMEDIATELY if you are having technical difficulties.
  • Before retaking any exam, review the questions you missed on previously failed exams and focus on studying these topics.
  • Clinical exams are timed, one minute per question, but there is plenty of time to take the exam. DO NOT focus on the time. To avoid stressing over the time, we suggest placing a sticky note over the timer.

General Tips

  • Use a desktop computer. (See System Requirements)
  • Make sure you are well-rested! Sleep is directly tied to academic performance.
  • Fuel your brain with healthy food and water before the test – avoid sugar and/or caffeine.
  • Minimize/eliminate distractions, interruptions, etc. while testing.
  • Relaxation techniques may help with testing anxiety, such as deep breathing, relaxing muscles one at a time, or closing eyes and imagining a positive outcome. Even a little exercise before the exam may help release tension.
  • Ensure you have a solid internet connection that will allow you to fully complete the test.
  • DO NOT take any tests while working or right after finishing a shift.
  • Take each test seriously – be prepared and be focused.

Get In Touch

Have a question or need assistance? Get in touch!

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