Our Awards

We don’t win awards for ourselves; we win them for you. Winning awards makes us feel like we’re doing a good job. More importantly, it shows that we take excellence seriously. Industry publications, healthcare professionals and our own employees have recognized us as a “Best Place to Work“ numerous times since 2003. We do it all for our travelers and clients. It’s your way of knowing that we do what it takes to be the best.

National Accreditations

Certification from the Joint Commission is a valuable accomplishment that we have consistently maintained since 2007. It is not how we define our success, as we strive to go above and beyond the minimum standards in everything we do. As an industry, we should all aim to achieve the highest possible standard requirements. Healthcare professionals should always travel with companies who have achieved the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission.

LiquidAgents Healthcare supports the mission of the National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations (NATHO) and has been a proud member since 2003.

LiquidAgents Healthcare is dedicated to patient care and safety. If you have valid information regarding patient care and safety issues, please inform the LiquidAgents Healthcare management team immediately. If your concerns cannot be resolved through LiquidAgents Healthcare, we encourage you to contact The Joint Commission.

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